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Our multiplatform tool has been developed specifically for ISPs to provide detailed visibility of the client’s Wi-Fi network. This allows possible connectivity problems to be solved quickly and easily, without the need for a truck roll.

We help people connect to their Wi-Fi networks and maximize their Internet user experience.


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Interactions between Contact Center´s support agents and clients are crucial to provide optimal service, retain existing customers and contribute to user satisfaction levels.

Most ISP companies have limited visibility of the client’s Wi-Fi network and therefore, diagnosing their problems and offering efficient support has become a challenge. To help solve this, we present WIFIX – NETWORK DIAGNOSTICS, which provides the customer support agent a complete vision of the customer´s network and the possible problems presented in it. By visualizing the exact troubleshooting, agents can provide the clients with a quick and effective solution, without the need for a truck roll, avoiding delays, high operating costs and dissatisfied customers.

By scanning his/her own network with a mobile device, tablet or computer, the client allows the customer support agent to visualize the different elements of his network. By being able to examine the client´s network, the agent will obtain data on important indicators, such as channel congestion, connected devices, interfering networks, speed and other variables that will allow for an informed and immediate solution to be implemented.



This tool, compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices, tablets and Mac, Linux and Windows computers, is used by the ISP’s client to perform a scan of his/her Wi-Fi network and send information about its status to the Contact Center’s customer support agent.

In addition, in its mobile version, the truck roll technicians can use this tool to perform scans in the customer’s home and obtain important data of the network´s troubleshooting or check the networks status after having made configurations or technical adjustments.



This module consists of a platform in the cloud, where the information obtained from the networks scanned with WIFIX – NETWORK DIAGNOSTICS is housed and collected. On this platform, customer support agents and technicians can review the results and indicators obtained in each scan, in order to make a complete diagnosis and offer a solution to the reported problems.

Moreover, supervisors, for both Contact Center agents and technicians, can access the reports of the support provided and visualize data of each performed scan, including the reason of why the client has contacted customer support, the diagnostics obtained, the solutions provided and the problems identified.


Through this module, WIFIX – NETWORK DIAGNOSTIC and WIFIX PLATFORM are linked to initiate a video call between the Contact Center’s support agent and the client, in order to provide real-time assistance.


A link is created between WIFIX PLATFORM and the client’s router, which allows the Contact Center’s support agent to access the router and make the necessary configurations to solve the identified problems.

Troubleshooting Journey

Server Information

Device's Signal


Connected Devices

Channel Congestion

Surrounding Networks


Server Address

Remote Assistance


Fewer truck rolls

An increase in First Call Resolutions (FCR)

A more effective support based on a real diagnosis

Empowered agents with a clear troubleshooting

Improvement in customer satisfaction

Reduction in operation costs

Customer Support

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